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Making a change in the flooring of your home is one thing, but why not take it to the next level? Floor removal and disposal from start-to-finish can be handled by our professionals.


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Mattress Removal Everette

No More Saggy Mattresses

Over time, mattresses will sag and wear down to the point where they are no longer safe for use. It’s not a secret that these heavy items can be difficult to maneuver and remove from your home on top of being prohibited by many trash services in most areas unless you have special arrangements with them beforehand. Luckily our team at Mattress Disposal Solutions is here 24/7 so we’ll take care of it all! We do more than just haul away the mattress… depending on its condition (if good or close to unusable), we may donate it instead – after determining if there were any bed bugs found within before sending off this donation piece back into service as well as ensuring proper disposal methods without adversely affecting the environment around us.

You don’t want to end up sleeping on a saggy mattress, so why not take care of it now? We remove your old mattresses from home and dispose of them responsibly. Donate or recycle the material depending on its condition: donate for those who need help getting out of an uncomfortable situation; recycle if you think that there is still some life left in this product!

How Much Does it Cost to take out Mattresses?

This is a problem that many people face. No matter how much you love your bed, over time it will give way and become less supportive for whatever reason! We are here to help with this issue by hauling out the mattress from under you so that we can dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner without any risk or hassle on your part. Depending on the condition of the old mattress, there could be multiple options – donate it if its still good enough for someone else’s use; recycle parts or materials where possible; recover what value they have left through saleable components like metal springs etc.; finally and most importantly responsibly disposing off mattresses which contain harmful chemicals such as flame retardants at recycling centers.


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