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Making a change in the flooring of your home is one thing, but why not take it to the next level? Floor removal and disposal from start-to-finish can be handled by our professionals.


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Furniture Removal

Floor removal and disposal from start-to-finish

We are experts in hauling away furniture no matter what its size and condition, or the width of your hallway/doorway. We will take apart couches if that’s necessary to get them out from a small space. However we respect you’re decision about how much you want us to do for it- either reusing some parts on other projects, donating others like an old desk chair with one leg missing but still solid enough for someone else who needs it more than they know right now, recycling wood which is not salvageable by any means (but has been salvaged before), and disposing of anything toxic such as mercury light bulbs without causing harm.

We’ll haul all your unwanted items regardless of their shape or size!

You have a lot of furniture, but it’s all useless in the end. So what if you needed to dispose of some? Give us a call and we’ll take care of everything for you! We won’t just dump your old stuff into oblivion; instead, we will try our best to donate or recycle anything that is still functional so as not let go any good material from ending up in landfills.

No matter what condition your furniture is in or how narrow the hallway, we can get it out of here. We will take apart couches and cut up tables to make sure that they fit through any doorways but don’t worry-we’ll try our best not to waste anything! If possible, we donate usable items elsewhere so someone else can enjoy them; otherwise these would be recycled or disposed of responsibly.

How Much Does it Cost to remove Furnitures?

Move or remove your sofa in an efficient and affordable manner by working with our company. Whether you are looking for a small 2 seater couch that will cost less, or a 5 piece sectional weighing more than 1000 pounds – we have got you covered! Pricing is competitively fair and honest as well so get the ball rolling today.


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